In order to avoid confusion and provide our guests with a comfortable and safe stay, please read the following regulations.
Making a reservation implies that the guest has read and accepted the regulations.

§ 1
The apartments are rented for days.

§ 2
You can check-in any time after 4.00 p.m. and have to check-out before 11.00 a.m.

§ 3
Quiet hours start at 10.00 p.m.

§ 4
Persons other than guests are not allowed in the area around the facility without the staff permission. After obtaining such permission, persons other than guests are allowed to stay only until 9.00 p.m.

§ 5
In order to confirm a reservation please make a down payment in the amount of 30% of the cost of stay to our account and notify us about the payment. The reservation is made at the moment of making the payment. We assume that a lack of down payment means your resignation. After receiving the payment, we will notify you that the reservation has been confirmed. The down payment (30% of the cost of stay) is not subject to return in the event the guests fail to appear at the date of the reservation. The down payment is not forfeited if you make a reservation for other available date (within 1 year) and notify us not later than within 30 days before the planned arrival. If the reservation is cancelled later, the down payment will not be returned. The down payment can be returned in case we are able to find a replacement for the cancelled reservation. The amount to be returned will be calculated as a percentage corresponding to the number of days which are booked again. Otherwise the down payment will not be returned.

§ 6
Making a reservation implies that the guest has read and accepted the regulations.

§ 7
If you wish to prolong your stay, please notify the staff by 9.00 a.m. of the last day of your stay. If there are free apartments available, the guests may prolong their stay.

§ 8
The guests pay for their stay in advance (for specified number of days), not later than at the date of arrival. In the event you cancel the reservation during your stay, we will not return the payment for the remaining days. If you leave earlier, for reasons beyond the control of the facility’s owner, you are not entitled to reimbursement of costs.

§ 9
A person appointed for welcoming the guest reduces the cost of stay by the amount of the down payment. To clarify any doubts, please keep and present us the payment confirmation.

§ 10
A person who hands over the keys provides the guest with the information about the facility and the instructions on using the electrical equipment in the apartments. At this time the guest gets familiar with the conditions and equipment in the apartment.

§ 11
If the guest does not make any complaints regarding the conditions in the apartment at the moment of moving in, we assume that the guest accepts them.

§ 12
The facility staff is not allowed to enter the rented apartment, not to mention moving the guest’s personal belongings without the guest’s permission. The facility staff is allowed to enter the rented apartment only in case of threat to guests security, to do the cleaning or if the guests do not comply with the regulations of the apartment.

§ 13
Pets are welcome. The presence of pets in the facility and around it is allowed only if their owners take responsibility for them – please keep an eye on your pet. The owners are obliged to clean up after their pets.

§ 14
During your stay, the apartment is cleaned and the towels exchanged every three days.

§ 15
If we find in the facility any of your belongings after you had left, we will send them to you to the provided address at your expense.
If you do not provide the address to which the belongings should be sent or if you do not collect these belongings personally within 3 days since the day of your departure, the facility staff will act in compliance with the provisions on lost property.

§ 16
Due to the fire protection requirements, it is forbidden to use in the apartments any gas or electrical devices other than the equipment in the apartments that may cause fire, such as electrical heating elements, heaters or gas burners. Bringing any flammable materials, explosives or materials that smell bad is prohibited.

§ 17
Please make sure that the door is closed each time you leave the apartment.

§ 18
Please close the front door each time you enter or leave the facility. Guests leave their personal belongings in common areas, (the hall, dining room) on their own responsibility.

§ 19
Taking out towels, pillows, devices, dishes and other elements of the apartment is prohibited.

§ 20
Please keep the apartment in good condition and turn off light and water when you do not use it.

§ 21
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the facility. In the event of non-compliance the guest is obliged to pay the fine in the amount of PLN 1000.

§ 22
In case of damaging the property of Villa Greifenberg unintentionally or on purpose, the guest is obliged to fully cover the costs of repair or replacement. The apartment should be left in the same condition as on the day of moving in according to the acceptance protocol.

§ 23
In the event of violation of the facility regulations, the guest will be asked to check out and leave the facility immediately. This applies particularly to
disturbance at night and any other behaviour that disturbs the comfort of other guests. If you leave earlier due to the violation of the facility regulations, you are not entitled to reimbursement of costs for remaining days.

§ 24
The buffet breakfast is served in the dining room between 8.00–10.30 a.m. Dinner is served in the dining room between 4.00–6.00 p.m. Supper is served in the dining room between 6.30–8.00 p.m.

§ 25
We accept no responsibility for damaging or loss of cars or other vehicles belonging to guests.

§ 26
In the area of Greifenberg Villa, parents or guardians are hold fully responsible for children and young people under the age of 18.
In the area of Greifenberg Villa, parents or guardians are hold fully responsible for children safety.